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Radiopaque light curing, fluorine release, self-adhesive, resin modified glass ionomer filling cement.

Radiopaque resin reinforced self adhesive light cure glass ionomer cement. Designed spacially as a restorative material for use in Class Ill, Class V and deciduous teeth, also used for secondary indications such as liner, base and core build-up. Adhesion to dentin, fluoride release and reduced sensitivity to humidity.
Packable, non sticky and sculptable consistency.


✓ Smaller particles, excellent esthetics
✓ High filler loading, significantly improved abrasion resistance
✓ High radiopacity
✓ Perfect and long term fluoride release
✓ Compatible with hard tissue and high adhesion values.
✓ Self-adhesive to tooth structure, no etching, no bonding
✓ High polishability
✓ Bacteriostatic effect, high biocompatibility
✓ A 1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3 colour selections
✓ Each capsule contains 0.33 g of powder and 0.10 g of liquid



✓ Class Ill and V restorations, particularly for servical erosions and root
✓ surface caries.
✓ Restoration of primary teeth.
✓ Core build up
✓ As a base or liner
✓ Intermediate restorative and base material for heavy stress situation


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