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What we Do

RNA Supplies is one of the leading medical and dental supply companies.

Our aim is to source products from all over the world that meet not only high-quality standards, but also practicality in a real-life healthcare setting.

What makes us unique is that, RNA Supplies is a company run by healthcare professionals who have vast experience in the sector. Our owners still run and own healthcare businesses, hence, can firsthand, try out products before releasing them to our company profile.

Because of our knowledge, expertise and experience as healthcare professionals, all our products are tried and tested in real practice by our own members.

It is only after, trying the products ourselves do we allow them to pass our internal checks and move forward to being marketed by RNA Supplies.

Our unique ownership position allows us to stand apart from other suppliers so rest assured our products will meet the best professional standards and in the working hands of our colleagues in healthcare.

Who We Are

Our Experts



Senior Clinical Lead and Director of Marketing (UK/Mainland Europe and United States of America)

In addition to running RNA SUPPLIES, Reza also runs his own dental clinics throughout the UK, and still works part-time as a clinical dentist.

Still working at the forefront of clinical dentistry, Reza has a unique perspective to our company ethos.

Reza works in general dentistry and also has a role in training his junior colleagues. His work is predominantly based on cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetic procedure, this gives Reza a wide insight into the use and application of many of our products.

Each of our products is personally assessed and tried in real practice by Reza and his team, thus giving us direct feedback before we decide to add them on to our company profile.



Director of Marketing and Client Relations (Middle East and North Africa)

Nawaf is one of the owners of RNA SUPPLIES, he has vast experience in the healthcare sector owing to him owning and running his own dental clinics across the UK since 2016.

Soon after acquiring his businesses in dentistry, Nawaf quickly realised that good quality and cost effective products are hard to come by. It was then, along with his business partners, he started RNA Supplies, aiming to source and provide high quality and practical products, thus facilitating our customers to keep costs low whilst maintaining high levels of standard and care.

Nawaf has been extremely successful in building our company profile by way of making contact with our suppliers from all over the globe. As a company we are constantly looking for new and innovative products to further increase our product supply, thus offer our patients an even wider range of products.


Senior Consultant of Public Relations (Japan)

Fatima joined our company in 2018 after moving over to the UK from Japan. Her knowledge of the Japanese culture and her links to Japanese manufacturers has immensely risen our company profile, by way of opening our business to the far east and beyond.

Japan is well known for innovation in technology and the production of high-quality products, hence our excitement to have a team member who could help us to break into this market.

Working alongside Fatima, we are sourcing more and more advanced products further adding to the range of unique products that we have managed to supply to our growing customer base.


Customer Support and Marketing Manager (UK/Southeast Asia)

Being a medical nurse, dental nurse and palliative carer by profession, who better to have among our team to give a true customer representative opinion of all our products!

Marie has helped us to source and approve for market, many of our products by personally using them in real-life situations and really putting them to a real-life test.

With her links within the region of her home country, thanks to Marie we have successfully built fruitful relationships with manufacturers and customers alike within the southeast Asian market.


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