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Nova Compo C is a light-curing, radiopaque, nano-hybrid composite for anterior and posterior restorations.

✓ Extended Longetivity and Durability
✓ Excellent handling and Easy Polishability
✓ No sticking to instruments.
✓ Low polymerisation syrinkage and stress.
✓ High radiopacity
✓ Excellent wear resistance and high mechanical proporties
✓ Suitability for mono layer and multi layer technique
✓ Good chamelon proporties, Superior Aesthetics
✓ Wide range of colour

-> Restorations of deciduous teeth
-> Restorations in the posterior region (classes I and II)
-> Anterior restorations (classes III, IV)
-> Class V restorations (cervical caries, root erosion, wedge–shaped defects)
-> Extended fissure sealing in molars and premolars
-> Splinting of mobile teeth
-> Veneering of discoloured anterior teeth and Repair of composite and ceramic veneers


The monomer matrix is composed of different dimethacrylates (18–22% weight)and ULS® (Ultra Low Syhrinkage) Monomer . The fillers contain barium glasses, ytterbium and prepolymer (83–78 % weight), additives, catalysts, stabilizers and pigments .

Compo C is designed with the high molecular weight reduced shrinkage resins. The higher molecular weight of the resin results in less shrinkage, reduced aging and a slightly softer flexible resin matrix. Additionally these resins impart a greater hydrophobicity and are less water absorption. Nova Compo C contains very small amount of diluent monomers like TEGDMA. The diluent monomers have low molecular weight and high crosslinking capability, thus resulting in high elastic modulus and stiffness of the composite. Ideally composite restorations should not have high modulus of elasticity. The high modulus of elasticity composites are stiff, brittle materials and are not efficient in buffering high stress. The Modulus of Elasticity is optimised for Nova Compo C. Low molecular weight monomers increase the volumetric shrinkage and shrinkage stress of the composite.


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