Imiprint prophylaxis paste 200pcs

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IMIPRINT Prophylaxis Paste in Flouride Released selection 1,23% Fluoride Ions. Application: When using IMIPRINT bulk package, sufficient paste for one procedure shuold be removed and placed in a suitable container. When using unit dose cups, cups contain enough prophylaxis paste for single use. Fill the disposable prophy angle cup and apply with low speed.


✓ Four abrasion values (x-coarse, coarse, medium, fine).
✓ With fluoride or without fluoride selections
✓ Adjusted viscosity
✓ Ten different aroma selections


✓ For professional tooth cleaning and polishing
✓ For the removal of plaque and stains, the coarse paste
✓ For the removal of plaque, the medium paste
✓ For the removal of light plaque and polishing, the fine paste



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