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Preformed artificial tooth based on polymethylmethacrylate. It has 3 color layers: dentin, body and transparent. It is heat resistant and compatible with oral tissues. Colors are stable. It shows high resistance to abrasion. It provides easy alignment and easy occlusion It has a shiny and smooth surface. Thoots are tightly bonded to acrylic in total and partial applications. Due to the various anatomical forms of IMIDENT LUX teeth molds, it is used for people of all types, ages and shapes.


✓ Large assortment of moulds and shades makes the Imident Lux teeth very useful and proper for every prosthesical requirements.
✓ Hard resistant to breaking and corrosion, it shows very esthetically result in closing with three layer colour.
✓ Very high chemical and phisical resistance owed to the realization of a product with a high molecular weight, together with suitable cruisers polymerization.
✓ Due to various anatomic forms of their moulds, Imident Lux teeth can be used for every type of face, age and
✓ Caution: It is suggested that to avoid excessive brushing which can cause abrasive wear and not to immerse
in alkalis, acids or other substances that can damage acylic materials



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