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Crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, posts, orthodontic bands

Characteristics and Advantages:
• Good mixing properties: easy to mix (hand mix) resulting in a creamy consistency liner.
• Good pulp and tissues acceptance
• Excellent adhesion: adheres to dentine and enamel without the use of chemical bonding liners
• Low film thickness
• Radiopaque
• Fluoride release: controlled release of fluoride ions – which in turn reduce the number of harmful microorganisms in the buccal cavity and reduce cavities
• Completely saliva resistant (no need the use of rubber dams saving time and effort)
• An increased working time that, while still retaining a rapid set, it allows the nurse/dentist to have more working time to use the cement and to prepare the crown/bridge which requires luting, if necessary
• A high level of translucency (translucency develops in the mouth)
Working Time (including Mixing): 3:00 min.
Setting Time (Including Working): 7:30 min.



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