Daily Suction Cleaning 1L

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For the daily cleaning and maintenance of dental aspirator systems.
• Chlorine, Aldehyde and Phenol free;
• Alkaline-based solution;
• Non-foaming and non-abrasive;
• Easy and accurate dosage system for different % solution;
• Effective also for the spittoon bowl

Suction systems are continually exposed to pathogenic agents and represents an hazard to dental staff and patients and to the functionality of suction system. The cleanliness and disinfection should take place frequently, at least once a day or everytime a surgery ends. The disinfectants should be material compatible
to avoid damages to the system. For instance, chlorine-based disinfectants will cause corrosion of the suction system. BMS products are specifically formulated to be material compatible with a broad efficacy spectrum to preserve continual system functionality and cleaniless.



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