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Light curing, high floride release, high filled colour-changing fisure sealant.

Sealing of fissures, pits and occlusal surfaces for caries and extended fissures and filling of small cavites. It is pink before curing, and after curing its color changes to the result color.


✓ Optimum flow properties for high penetration.
✓ High and long time fluoride release.
✓ High stability and perfect adhesion to enamel.
✓ Effective protection against caries
✓ Bacteriostatic effect
✓ High (50%, 55%) inorganic filler selections for outstanding abrasion proofness
✓ White colour selection for easy visual control and transparent colour selection
✓ Some packings contains coloured etching gel
✓ Elastic using tips



✓ Sealing of fissures, pits and occlusal surfaces for caries.
✓ Sealing of extended fissures
✓ Filling of small cavities


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