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Bond T is a light-cured orthodontic adhesive paste. It is used with Bond Primer
<span style="color: #339966;"><strong>Compomer-based light-curing dental restorative material with high and long term fluoride release.</strong></span> Nova Compomer combines the benefits of glass ionomers and composites in one material. Nova Compomer is recommended for caries and secondary caries are likely to development risk areas that deciduous teeth and cervical defects. Nova Compomer releases a high level and long term of protective fluoride ions. <span style="color: #339966;"><strong>ADVANTAGES </strong></span> ✓ High level and long term fluoride release ✓ Excellent esthetic properties, radioopaque ✓ Easy polishability, contouring and adapting, good handling properties ✓ Nova Compomer contains strontium glass due to strontium glass Nova Compomer resist breakdown and enhance stability in the oral ✓ environment than containing barium glass products ✓ Bacteriostatic effect ✓ For Classic: A 1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, 81, 82, 83 colour selections ✓ For Rainbow: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, Silver, Purple, Gold, Orange <strong><span style="color: #339966;">INDICATIONS</span></strong> ✓ Restorations in deciduous teeth ✓ Class V restorations (cervical caries, root erosion, wedge-shaped defects) ✓ Class Ill restorations ✓ Intermediate Class I and Class II restorations
<strong><span style="color: #339966;">Light-curing nanohybrid composite Indications</span></strong> • Class I, II, III, IV, V restorations • Diastema closures • Direct veneers • Splinting • Composite and porcelain repairs • Indirect Inlays, onlays and veneers • Core buildup <span style="color: #339966;"><strong>Product Advantages</strong></span> • Excellent polishing and sculpting properties • Optimal mechanical properties • Maximum wear resistance and fracture strength • Low polymerization shrinkage and excellent aesthetics • Radiopaque • Manageable working time due to the light curing technology