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<span style="color: #99cc00;"><strong>Italgin Chromatic Alginate</strong></span> ITALGIN is a chromatic alginate for high precision impressions with high elasticity and resistance to tear. Lead and cadmium free. Thanks to the chromatic phase indicator, preparation of the impression is greatly simplified, regardless the environmental conditions (including temperature/hardness of water) in which you are working. <span style="color: #99cc00;"><strong>Indicatio<span style="color: #99cc00;">ns</span></strong>:</span> • Study models • Antagonist • Fixed and removable prothesis • Temporary impressions <span style="color: #99cc00;">Usage and storage tips:</span> • During the preparation of the impression, pour first water then powder inside the bowl. This will reduce the air bubbles and improve the mixture quality. To mix: find BMS spatula and Bowl at p. 80. • During the filling phase of the tray make sure that the material comes out of the perforations, in this way the grip between the material and the tray will be stronger. • Rinse with water and disinfect impression before storing. Cleanmed Impression at pag. 43 is recommended for disinfection. • Store in as dry place and not exposed to the sunlight, keep Italgin in the original envelope close with a clip.