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B&E INO is a light-cured base & liner that contains Calcium Hydroxyapatite in Urethane methacrylate oligomer. It makes to reduce the pulp irritation and to have low polymerization shrinkage. B&E INO stimulates secondary dentin formation by releasing Calcium ion, Hydroxyl ion and Phosphate ion. B&E INO has cariostatic properties and excellent adhesion strength on teeth
<span style="color: #339966;"><strong>Radiopaque light-curing base lining compomer</strong></span> <span style="color: #339966;"><strong>Indications</strong></span> • Blocking out undercuts and underfilling material for ceramic restorations, amalgam and composite <span style="color: #339966;"><strong>Product Advantages</strong></span> • Polymerizable light curing dental resin with polyacrylic acid and ionomer glass which contains zinc • Specially formulated to compensate for composite restorations shrinkage thus resulting in a long lasting and safe restorations • Radiopaque base lining material • Specially formulated for use with adhesives, composites and conventional restorative materials leading to gap-free restoration. • Chemically bonds strongly to adhesives, composites and other resin-based materials • Micromechanically bonds to dentin • Prevents postoperative sensitivities and seals the dentine tubules. • Continuous fluoride release • Antibacterial properties due to zinc contain
Light curing glass ionomer based cavity liner to protect pulp of the tooth. It is used under direct and indirect restorations, like composites, amalgams, ceramics and another metal restorations. <span style="color: #339966;"><strong>Properties</strong></span> Excellent biocompatibility Releases flouride Radiopaque Excellent handling characteristics
<span style="color: #339966;"><strong>Light-curing calcium hydroxide liner</strong></span> <span style="color: #339966;"><strong>Indications</strong></span> • Base/liner <strong><span style="color: #339966;">Product Advantages</span></strong> • Excellent biocompatibility with dentine & pulp • Light curing type cavity liner • Chemically bonds to adhesives and composites • Insoluble in water and oral fluids • Releases calcium, hydroxyl, phosphate and fluoride ions • Radiopaque • Easy handling