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<span style="color: #339966;"><strong>CompoB Plus is a light-cure ethanol/water-based, self-etching, </strong></span><span style="color: #339966;"><strong>one-step, all in one bonding agent. It can be used reliably in total etch, self-etch or selective-etch mode for both direct and indirect </strong></span><span style="color: #339966;"><strong>restorations.</strong></span> <span style="color: #339966;"><strong>ADVANTAGES</strong></span> ✓ The mild acidty so leaves denting tubuli closed to eliminate the postoperative sensitivity. ✓ Minimal technique sensitivity and is indicated for lightcure composites, root surface treatment and cavity sealing. ✓ No mixing and etching, priming and bonding are captured in one material ✓ Highest bonding strengths to both dentin and enamel for seventh-generation, ✓ Contains 2 functional monomers to form a better double chemical adhesion. ✓ MOP monomer optimizes self-etch performance, increases shelf stability ✓ and provides durability of adhesion. 4-META monomer enhances dentin bond strength. <strong><span style="color: #339966;">THE MDP MONOMER PROVIDES</span></strong> ✓ Better adhesion performance to enamel ✓ Increases self etching feature ✓ Greater product stability ✓ High adhesion strength for metal and non-glass ceramic substrates ✓ Provides durability of adhesion; strong bond to apatite surfaces by formation of non-soluble Ca+2 salts
RubyBond is light curing, single component bonding agent for the adhesive restorations. It universal and compatible with all composites. <strong><span style="color: #339966;">Properties</span></strong> Low abration Elastic connection
RubySEBond is self-etching, light curing one component adhesive for the adhesive restorations. <span style="color: #339966;"><strong>Properties</strong></span> Very strong bonding to enamel and dentine No extra etching with phosphoric acid Long lasting restorations Time savings