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Light-cured custom tray material supplied in pre-formed wafer. IMIBASE provides a firm, stable custom tray that is ready to use immediately after trimming and polishing. Due to the light-cured nature and putty consistency, adding or subtracting material is made easy. The prefabricated plates can easily be formed, adapted and trimmed. The odorless IMIBASE hardens quickly and offers a comfortable working time under normal laboratory light. Forthermore, IMIBASE stands out with it even layer thickness. The finished customized tray can be used immediately without requiring lengthy after polymerization



✓ In functional measuring spoons
✓ In intraoral templates
✓Polymerization time: 3 minutes
✓ Thickness approx. 2.4 mm
✓ Tensile–Tensile strength: 110 N/mm
✓ Tensile–Strain modulus: 8.000 N/mm
✓ Required polymerization beam wavelength
✓ Ultraviolet 300–480 nm wavelength range
✓ Packed in a special box in the form of 50 layers of beamed basswood.
✓ Non-adhesive surface.
✓ Easy to use with high dimensional stability, stiffness and resistance to torsional stress.
✓ Material-saving process, odorless and homogeneous in thickness with low shrinkage.
✓ Basplates are supplied in boxes to protect against light.


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