Gypstone 3000+

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Gypsum used in the modeling of crown-bridge and framework prostheses.

Ultra Hard Die Stone is formulated for the fabrication of exceptionally hard and smooth dies/models, combining excellent physical properties with easy handling. Type IV plaster has appropriate hardness and strength. shows strong resistance to breakage. easy to use, the details are obtained very clearly. used in modeling for inlay crown-bridge and framework prostheses. It has suitable hardness and strength. The preparation is limited and clearly seen in detail.



✓ Low setting expansion.
✓ Exact reproduction of details.
✓ High compressive strength.
✓ Variable water/powder ratio.
✓ Pastel colour for easy readability.
✓ Compatible with all impression materials, including hydrocolloids.
✓ Excellent abrasion resistance with no chipping.
✓ Resistance against thermal shock.
✓ Easy elimination of air bubbles during mixing.
✓ Produced from natural rock.


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