Extraoral Suction System D9 Model

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Considering COVID 19, a key emphasis has been placed on aerosol generated procedures and the spread of infection through air particles. 

Now is the time for healthcare professionals to invest in equipment that will not only keep staff and patients safe, but keep patients reassured that they are in safe hands.

Designed in Japan, Osaka Air brings you the latest in aerosol removal technology.


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Key Features:


The dental aerosol suction pro system provides ultra-strong suction power to collect the oral aerosol during dental procedures.

Medical grade disinfection control with plasma sterilization and activated carbon.

HEPA filtration system- 03.um(microns) @ 99.97% efficiency.

Total four layers of filtration.

Medical grade UVC light kills germs and viruses.

Carbon activated filter (included).

New feature: plasma sterilization 5000V (included)

 Voltage AC 110/220

Power 220 Watt

Airflow rate 4100 L/min

Filtration efficiency 0.3μm @ 99.97%

NW 24 kg

Dimensions 400 X 255 X 545 (H) mm

Folding arm 1.4 Meter

Noise level 35~62db

Speed control 10 Speed adjustment

Assembled in China. Limited Manufacturer Warranty: - 5 Years on Motor and fan

  • Easy filter replacement, maintenance & low cost
  • Filters to capture mercury Amalgam filling
  • Innovative design on fan and energy efficiency motor-
  • It may also save you more than $400 a year for electricity. (* Assume the unit is operated 1600 hrs a year.)
  • 10 Speed control of fan for aerosol suction (high speed) and air purification (low speed)
  • Speed 4~10 for aerosol suction during procedure. You can continuously run the unit @ speed level 1-3 in between appointments.

What's included in the system?

Washable Pre-filter with one backup
Water/vapor absorbing filter
HEPA H13 filter
Activated carbon filter
Plasma disinfection
Two UVC Lamps
Wireless remote control: control system on/off, speed adjustment (10 speed) and timer.


Maintenance and filter replacement schedule:   

After each use, you may use Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes to clean the exterior of the suction hood and arm. The inside can be cleaned by Hydrogen Peroxide Spray which kills the bacteria and virus within 30 seconds.  Wear necessary PPE while cleaning it.

Order processing:  usually 7 business days. 

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110V, 220V

4 reviews for Extraoral Suction System D9 Model

  1. Catherine

    Fantastic!! takes away pretty much all the aerosol!

  2. Dr FB

    Very nice concept, hardly any aerosol when using high speed

  3. Eileen

    Feel a lot safer and cleaner

  4. len

    Excellent machine! put patient and staff mind at ease of spreading viruses, especially in dentistry as working directly into the patient’s mouth.

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