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Radiopaque light-curing base lining compomer


• Blocking out undercuts and underfilling material for ceramic restorations, amalgam and composite

Product Advantages

• Polymerizable light curing dental resin with polyacrylic acid and ionomer glass which contains zinc
• Specially formulated to compensate for composite restorations shrinkage thus resulting in a long lasting and safe restorations
• Radiopaque base lining material
• Specially formulated for use with adhesives, composites and conventional restorative materials leading to gap-free restoration.
• Chemically bonds strongly to adhesives, composites and other resin-based materials
• Micromechanically bonds to dentin
• Prevents postoperative sensitivities and seals the dentine tubules.
• Continuous fluoride release
• Antibacterial properties due to zinc contain



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