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BIOfactor MTA (MTA – Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) is a tricalcium silicate based bioactive repair material that can be used for vital pulp and other endodontic and pediatric indications in temporary and permanent teeth

BIOfactor MTA liquid is in gel form to facilitate use and placement. The fact that the liquid is a gel allows the material to be used in different consistencies (dark or flowing) for various indications and to be resistant to washing (Washout).


✓ Finer powder for fast curing
✓ Ease of mixing, handling and placement (fluid or thick consistency depending on indication)
✓ Washout resistance
✓ No special equipment required for mixing or placing
✓ High Radiopacity Does not cause color change.
✓ It is biocompatible
✓ High Sealing Properties
✓ Thanks to its fluid consistency and in-canal application tip, it can be conveyed into the canal in a sensitive way.



✓ Can be used in thick or doughy consistency. in pulp covering in the repair of perforation around the pulp in pulpotomy (it is the removal of a part of the infected coronal pulp to preserve the vitality of the pulp tissue.)
✓ Filling of the root tip When used in a fluid consistency; resorption in the apexification process in the repair of areas as apical plug material


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