Now more than ever, hygiene is one of the most talked about subjects in the world, in some cases even taking over politics!

How your business is viewed by your existing and potential customers, will significantly impact your future business income.

The post-COVID world has made the world very edgy and cautious about health and safety.

In a world where wearing masks in Europe has become mandatory in public places, the average person is more aware o their surroundings in relation to how clean their environment is.

It is for this reason, businesses must adapt visual and non-visual protocols to help their customers, as well as staff feel safe when visiting their sites.


Make You Staff & Customers Feel Safe on Your Business Premises.


  • Signpost your COVID exit/entry protocols
  • Try to adopt a one-way traffic procedure if possible
  • Let you customers know that you are ‘COVID SAFE’
  • Use screens on your reception desks to reassure your customers and keep your staff safe
  • Always keep alcohol hand sanitizer readily available from the entrance and politely ask your customers to use it
  • Keep distances between your staff and customers, no over-crowding in common areas.
  • Display visual logs for your periodic cleaning regime
  • Have separate staff and customer pens, when passing a pen to a customer wipe it Infront of them, or fill the paperwork for them
  • Ask staff members to wear masks or visors whilst at work.
  • Let your customers see your staff performing their cleaning duties


  • Periodically inform customers of your COVID protocols. Let your customers know over the phone, when arranging visits to your business premises
  • Use fragrant products when cleaning your business premises, it leaves a cleaner fresher feel that people will notice
  • Keep your air conditioning units running at a comfortable temperature to circulate the air (a cooler temperature is always fresher feeling and not stuffy)
  • Using a digital thermometer take staff and customer temperatures upon entry, it is always less intrusive to ask your customer to roll their sleeve up and take the temperature from their wrist, rather than forehead.


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